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Southwestern Michigan

Southwestern Michigan is a beautiful place to visit. It has plenty of things to keep you busy all year long!

Beaches at Lake Michigan

Sunset at Lookout Park

Tour the St. Joseph Lighthouse

Go kayaking on Paw Paw River

Fine Wine and Fresh Brew from The Makers Trail

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Like more like the locals

Compared to a hotel, you’ll most likely be staying in a more residential area of town if you rent a vacation home. Let us be your guide to the . best restaurants and activities in the region.

It's easier to travel with pets.

Pets are not permitted in all vacation homes, although many do. In addition, if your dog howls late at night, your neighbors may be unable to complain about the noise in a vacation rental.

Your whole group can stay together.

You can all stay together in a house or condo making it easy to find and include everyone in the fun. You’ll be able to spend more time together in the living room, on a deck or patio, or at a dining table.

You''ll have plenty space.

There may be a lot of TVs in a rental home, and there will definitely be a lot of beds. It’s possible that each youngster will have her own room. And mom and Dad will undoubtedly get their own room!

You' can cook at home, if you'd like to.

When traveling with someone who has unique dietary needs, having access to a kitchen can be a lifesaver. You’ll also be able to keep a fridge and cabinets full of snacks, and access to your favorite coffee at a moment’s notice.

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